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I spent 12 years looking for my purpose on this planet. Now, with the help of likeminded people, we are saving the world, piece by piece.

-And making lives change to complete freedom at the same time.

Experiences are what shapes us as humans. And for some reason, bad experiences shapes us the most. During my life, I’ve had curveballs and uphill struggles more than I’ve had good and relaxed experiences.

I’ve seen things that most see in movies, done things that the common human would deem crazy and had some heartbreaking periods that I thought I’d never survive. 

But I’ve also had amazing experiences, all over the world, with strangers who became friends, families full of love, energies that could be touched and felt. My life has been an eternal rollercoaster, up until now.

During my travel through life, I’ve met some incredible people. People with their own experiences, other beliefs, different cultures. I’ve seen the world, even though I haven’t travelled that much in my life.

Not that long ago, a friend and I were jamming to our first ever song, trying to record a decent track so that we could work on it better. At the end of the session, he was heading home. We were talking about what gets us fired up. And we got to talking about the climate crisis our planet is suffering from, due to oil and plastic production. 

We knew that we’d never be able to tackle big corporations head on, but we could find a better solution that what we have right now. The government is running a pretty good system right now, but it wasn’t being prioritized. So we went like “Right? If the government just do that, then it would actually make a difference!”

The minutes went by as we stared at eachother, realizing that we just had an ephimany. Why not do that ourselves!

So we did. We wanted as many people to join as possible, the more people join, the bigger the reward, both for those joining the fight and the environment!

We have created a system that will get people actively participating in cleaning our nature of plastic, by having huge prizes that is lifechanging for most people! 

We had just figured out how to make saving the planet, a win-win.

Join us and be part of the army that will be known for making a huge positive change for our future and the generations to come!

Become part of something bigger than all of us. Existence.

We are a part of something

Our society is filled to the brim with “meople”, people that only have themselves in mind.

We are taking care of that which cannot defend itself. Earth. We are doing our tiny part to make it better a better place for those that follows us, instead of following the pattern we are on currently.

We had enough

By seeing how we all are capable of complete freedom if we choose to, we chose to take matters into our own hands.

Preserving nature and by that, our planet, while changing lives  by teaching others to do the same. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

Our home needs to look its best and live on

We have seen how we are destroying ourselves and want to be an active part in making it stop. Changing peoples’ perspective, giving back to others and spreading awareness is something to be proud of!

Join us and start the mythology of your life.

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The Sanctuary

Follow our development

After more than 12 years, we return to my childhood home in the mountains with a new perspective.

It used to be a remote prison while I was growing up, cut off from society and isolated.

Now, it’s just the perfect home with huge potential.

To be able to mold your home any way you’d like, to fit your personality, is amazing.

I used to see nothing but roadblocks up here, but now, it will become a Sanctuary with a beautiful garden, with vegetables  and nature right outside our door.

It will become our dream place and the birthplace of Roots of Gaia. It’s where everything changed.

I want to give you a peek behind the curtains, as we shape this from being a misunderstood beast, to become the most heavenly beauty.

Taking part in our hurdles and our victories, smiles and tears.

You’ll get to know the wonderful team behind the dream.

While also seeing some techniques that I use throughout my day, to live a stress free, location free and financially free life.

-And you’ll learn to do it all for yourself.

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