How To Use Death As A Motivator To Life

Posted November 30, 2019

Becoming friends with the one of the most feared things in the world

We need to remember that death comes for us all. Because of that, I feel like it’s our duty to live life to the fullest. Become friends with death and live in the knowledge that one day, somewhere, planned or unplanned, death will touch you and you are on your way to the next chapter of your existence. 

Know that because of this, your time as an educator and mentor for the next generation is limited, so share as much wisdom as you can to make them prepared.

Keep refining the formula

We need to make our descendants prepared to carry on the impact of goodness and positivity in the world as we move towards the future. We are all distilled versions of our ancestors and it is our job to keep refining the formula for our children.

Know that your life is your story. Make it count and make the memory of you vivid in the memories of those you love. If there is anything I can say that I am truly afraid of, it is to be forgotten, not death.

Death comes no matter what, so I need to make my time count and make sure that my memory is carried on into the future through the lessons I taught and the value I gave while I was alive.

Write the book of your life

Use death as a motivator to write down your stories in the book that will carry on your memory. Write a book that your great grandchildren can read, and thus are able to get to know their history, where they came from and their duty to their co-habitants. 

Use death as a reminder each moment to really feel alive and appreciate the current fraction of your life’s journey.


Don’t let 0.001% ruin your day

If you receive news that makes you angry or upset, think about the daily quota you have. If you had $86.400 in your bank account, would losing $10 of it make you throw out the rest of the money? Of course not. So treat those 10 seconds of frustration the same way. Don’t let that 0.001% of your total daily time ruin the remaining 86.390 seconds you have left of the day.

Feel hot water on your skin as if it was your last time experiencing it, because it might as well be your last time. You might slip on a wet hairball as you exit the shower.

Feel the cold gusts of wind on your body and be thankful that you have sensation at all. There are people that have been paralyzed and lost sensation throughout their body, not being able to feel anything at all, so count your blessings. You got lucky just by being born.

Live your life, nobody else can do it for you, so don’t spend precious time on things that ultimately bring you down.

Find out what makes you truly happy and pursue it, because tomorrow, an egg might kill you.

We all have the same right to be on this planet, so there’s no sense in letting others hold you back in any way. You need to live your life to the fullest, it’s your duty. Did you know that in order for you to be born, miracles took place? Not “The Wonders of Life” kind of miracles, but a mathematical equation so complex that it would make winning the Jackpot in any lottery seem like a normal daily occurance.

Let me show you the math behind how miraculous you are

I’ll demonstrate how insanely lucky we all are for just being here.

For you to even be born, your parents had to meet. If they met a new person every day from age 15 to 40, they’d meet around 10,000 people.

If we carve out a small portion of the world as it was 20 years ago, say 1/10th of the current population, we’ll have 400 million (1/10th of 4 billion).

Around half of those people, or 200 million, will be the opposite sex. So for your parents to meet at all is 10,000/200 million, or 1 in 20,000.

Now they need to talk. The odds of that happening is 1 in 10.

Then that needs to lead to future encounters, which is also around 1 in 10.

Then that needs to develop into a long-term relationship(of course, not all babies are born this way) which is also 1 in 10.

Then there’s the subject of even having babies together. The odds of a couple getting to that stage is 1 in 2, so the probability of your parents’ having kids at all is about 1 in 2000.

Combine all of these factors and your chance of getting born is about 1 in 40 million. Already, we’re approaching lottery winning odds.

But here comes the sperm and the egg equation. You are the result of a the fusion of one particular egg with one particular spermcell.

Each sperm and each egg is genetically unique because of the process of meiosis.

A fertile woman has 100,000 viable eggs on average.

A man will produce about 12 trillion sperm over the course of his reproductive lifetime.

Let’s say a third of those (4 trillion) are relevant to our calculation, since the sperm created after your mom hits menopause don’t count. The chance of that one sperm that has half of your name written on it, hooking up with that one egg that contains the rest of you is….. 400 Quadrillion!

But that’s not all. You are you because your ancestors got you here. Those same odds apply to your parents’ parents. And so on, all the way back before Homo Sapiens! To the first Homo Erectus. The first Homo Habilis. The first single celled organism.

In other words, this has been a chain of insane odds since we were mere bacteria 4 billion years ago.

But let’s stick to humans and calculate the odds “only” leading back 3 million years to not get overly enthusiastic.

Let’s say that one generation is give or take 20 years. That alone is 150.000 generations.

Over the course of all human existence, the likelihood of any one human offspring to survive childhood and live to reproductive age and have at least one child is 50:50, one in two. What do you think would be the chance of your lineage to remain unbroken for 150,000 generations?

About 1 in 10. That doesn’t seem like alot, but given the number of generations, it’s a number so large, that it goes beyond the amount of particles in the universe.

It’s larger than all the particles in the universe, even if each particle were itself a universe with its own particles. Now that is Inception grade levels of deep!

Are you blown away yet? 

If the wrong sperm met the wrong egg even once, at any point since the beginning of time, you would not be sitting here reading fascinating articles like this one.

So that means that in every step of your lineage, the probability of your exact macth of sperm to egg is 400 quadrillion.

Then, let’s take those 150,000 generations and add them to the calculation by raising 400 quadrillion to the 150,000 power.

[4×10] ≈ 10

If I was to write the number we’re left with, it would be 10 followed by 2,640,000 zeroes, a number that would fill volumes of books! That’s the approximate number of atoms in the known universe.


So in order for you to even be born, 2,5 million people had to get together and play with a trillion-sided dice. They each roll the dice and they all come up with the exact same number, let’s say 429,621,927,002.


So why are you a miracle, you ask?



The definition of a miracle is an event so unlikely that it is thought to be completely impossible. but by the definition in this article, YOU are a miracle and you need to act like it.
Your days are numbered and in order for your lineage to carry on in the best way, you need to start leaving your mark on this world.
You’d be amazed by what power a single act of kindness will have on the planet in the long run.
Thank you for reading this far. I hope you leave here with a new appreciaton of life.
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